Building the Future

Our mission

Supporting just transition to sustainable, equal, green, digital and democratic society.

Our objective:

To become a leading ecosystem stakeholder in the field of green transition and sustainable and resilient society in Slovenia.


The civilization is at a turning point in the world’s response to climate and biodiversity emergencies. We are the last generation that can still take timely action… the clock is ticking, so we need to act fast and smart to protect biodiversity and humankind. Next few years are crucial for fulfilling our commitments under the Paris Agreement, which is in the interests of health, well-being and prosperity for all.

Why we:

As one of the leading team of experts on digital and environmental transformation in Slovenia, we understand that digitalisation is a key facilitator of the transition to a circular economy. Only by developing solutions for collecting large amounts of data, analyzing them and converting them into useful information, it is possible to introduce working circular solutions in key areas. Digitization thus enables comprehensive water management, emission control, energy solutions, “smart” management of buildings, cities and rural areas, the Internet of Things, new forms of mobility, 3-D printing, digitalisation in agriculture, and new business models in many other areas.


We have experience in guiding local communities and companies in the transition to a climate-neutral and climate-resilient society based on sustainable development. We advise them on more efficient management of energy and natural resources to develop solutions for a highly competitive low-carbon circular economy. IPM G&S helps create a society based on preserved nature, a circular economy, renewable and low-carbon energy sources, sustainable mobility and locally grown healthy food. We are co-creating Slovenia that will be adapted and resilient to the effects of climate change, in which the quality and security of life will be high, and it will also take advantage of the opportunities of the upcoming major changes.
We believe that the transition to a climate-neutral society must be inclusive, taking into account the principles of climate justice. IPM G&S is committed to ensuring that the costs and benefits of the transition are shared fairly and that all sections of the population are able to implement mitigation and adaptation measures. Equality and equal opportunities have high value from our point of view.

What we offer:

We address three inseparable elements of the so-called “circular triangle”:

– circular economy (business models),
– circular change (local, regional and national policies) and
– circular culture (citizens).